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Captura de pantalla 2021-05-19 a las 13.



I'm Be Fernández, a passionate artist from Madrid.

Through bright colors, sharp contrasts, and the strength of prints and textures, I represent cheerful scenes with a certain Neo-Pop aesthetic that will take you back to the 80s. My inspiration comes from the contemporary city: I use constant references to the current world and my interests, such as fashion and streetwear culture, present throughout all my work.

I mainly work in digital and acrylic, but I have worked in a wide variety of formats throughout my life.

Selected clients

- Netflix

- Vogue

- Adidas

- Disney

- Foot Locker

- Mahou

- Puma

- Logitech

- Converse

- Neo2 Magazine

- Hypebae Magazine

- Mad Cool Festival


- "CTRL+Z" Solo show in "Alfama Madrid".

-Mercado de Diseño

(Matadero, Madrid)

-F*Art from TeamLabs

(Casa Palacio Duque de Alba , Madrid)

-La Removida Festival

(Pza Toros Las Ventas, Madrid)

-Fast Expos

(Siroco, Madrid)