Solo exhibition in Alfama Madrid.


Photo by Kioo Photography

"CTRL + Z" is the portrait of a generation.

It talks about the ability to start over, to reset errors.

We are facing a new world, a new virtual dimension in which human beings are immersed without precedent. We don't care about an unique dimension no more, reality its sometimes less important than virtuality.

Through this series of four works, I do a reflection on issues such as social relations, the importance of appearances and the new forms of being, in the virtual era.

Lack of control

"Watch Out"

They are staring at us

Digital illustration



Let's start over

Digital Illustration


"New Human"

Metaphysical disorder

Ilustración digital

I like you

"I like you"

Liquid love

Ilustración digital

Alfama Madrid offered me the opportunity to set up

a solo show to inaugurate its exhibition space.


For one of the spaces I prepared this series, "CTRL+Z" of four illustrations, A0 size. In another space we presented a compilation of my most significant work during the past few years. 

The day of the inauguration we spent a perfect afternoon between illustration, music by  "Latigo Sound System", and the collaboration of Desperados Beer.  


Photo by Kioo Photography


Photo by Kioo Photography


Photo by Kioo Photography


Photo by Kioo Photography


Photo by Kioo Photography