Foot District x adidas

Foot District Collaboration on the launch of the Adidas LXCON. 


Foot District's main goal was to create a different and eye-catching campaign that would convey the authentic spirit of the Adidas LXCON.


I was asked to create a series of three illustrations to be used in social networks along with a video of my design process that was later used by the producer "El Chico de los Recados" to mix real shots based on my idea with shots of my creative process.


I made three illustrations based on the colors of the original silhouette, using reddish, purple and a radiant blue in contrast, as the protagonists. The concept reflects the Street attitude and dynamics of the new silhouette and the framing of the composition enhances its importance in the image.


Audiovisual material by "El Chico de los Recados".