Collaboration with 4E shop on the occasion of its capsule collection for its 12th anniversary.

4 Elementos shop collaborated with different artists and independent designers to create a capsule collection of clothing for it's 12th anniversary.


Main topic of the collection was "work clothing". They contact me to design two of the t-shirts that would be part of this capsule collection.

As 4 Elementos shop it's well known for it's offer in sneakers, for the first design I mixed sneakers and work concept to create this to create this design based on the safety of your shoes at work in a funny tone.

For the second design I based on the contrast between photography and drawing to represent a working scene in a factory, creating a mix between a more traditional idea, a black and white photography, and a more contemporary idea based on drawing spots with vibrant colors. 

Feel free to contact me at befernandez.art@gmail.com

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